Warranty Information

Saint Nordic Policy & Agreement



By using our services, you hereby agree to be bound by terms and conditions and accept all disclaimers and limitations of liability expressed therein. Use of products or custom built lights sold through Saint Nordic is at the consumer's own risk. Proper installation and proper use of all products must be followed for optimal safety and performance. Saint Nordic does not accept responsibility for improper use, alterations, and installation of any products or services. All products sold and manufactured by Saint Nordic are for off-road use only.



Saint Nordic does not take any responsibility for determining the correct application, application specifics, possible required add-ons, and possible restrictions of the use of our products. Saint Nordic is not responsible for 3rd party installation costs in case of warranty repairs, returns, or exchanges. While we do not take any responsibility, we will gladly assist in every way possible to determine the correct products for your desired application.



Services or products are not returnable or eligible for any refunds or exchanges. Cancelled custom services that have been started will result in a forfeiture of deposit that has been taken at the time of original invoice. Once a product has been used, it's only covered by its warranty and not eligible for return.



All orders are automatically insured through the carrier and already included within the total shipping costs. If your package arrives in damaged or unsatisfactory condition, a claim will need to be processed through the shipping company. Please notify us right away and keep the original packaging and boxes. They will be required to submit the claim. A package is only protected by the insured amount through the shipping carrier.

Please remember, you are responsible for the way the lights are protected during transit to our facility. We recommend using a separate box for each light and add cardboard for extra protection to the outsides of the box. No part of the headlight should make contact with the box. Please protect your headlights with the appropriately sized boxes and packaging materials. Local shipping centers such as the Fedex / UPS Stores will take care of this for you if you are not confident in your own packaging abilities. If you have any questions, please ask us.





Custom Services Warranty Coverage


No Warranty is expressed, implied, valid, or existing until services and or product provided are paid for in full. 

Saint Nordic and it’s affiliates reserve the right to refuse service to anyone in the future after issues of  non-payment or payment issues that result or resulted in the loss of revenue, time, or hardship by individuals or  companies that did not pay for services, caused Chargebacks, refuted payment for services, or the like. 

Headlight Aiming

Saint Nordic is not responsible for the aiming or adjusting of your headlights. Should your headlights need to be aimed or aligned, please follow the OEM recommended procedure.

Condensation Warranty

While we cannot guarantee that condensation will not occur, we take all the precautions possible to make sure it does not occur. Many times, we see headlights that have never been opened have traces of condensation. In some cases, this can be a result of not using proper rear headlight caps or even a poor seal from the factory. If condensation occurs within 1 year of the original service date, we ask the customer to ship the lamps back to us so we can reseal them. Any related shipping costs will be charged to the customer. If condensation occurs within 30 days, we will supply a return label, cover the repair, and return the light to the customer in a timely manner. The opening and resealing of any headlight by anyone other than Saint Nordic is not recommended and will void the condensation warranty. There is no condensation warranty on any aftermarket headlights, or any headlights that have been previously opened prior to the service Saint Nordic provides.


LED Accessory Add-On - Warranty & Disclaimer

Saint Nordic offers many different types of LED accessories that can be installed inside the headlights during a custom build, during a custom paint job, or even as a stand-alone option. Heat and moisture are the number one enemies of any LED product. OEM LED headlights come prepared with massive cooling fins or electronic fans installed to keep heat to a minimum. Aftermarket products that we supply do not have this type of cooling capacity. Prolonged exposure to heat may cause a LED product such a demon eye, halo, or strip to prematurely fail. While the products we supply are specifically made to be mounted inside headlight assemblies, they are designed to be universal, and some applications may experience more issues than others. Any color changing product carries a much higher risk of failure when compared to a white/amber switchback product. Color changing products such as demon eyes, halos, and strips also rely on a color changing handheld or bluetooth controller. Bluetooth controllers rely on compatibility with constantly changing mobile phones and software updates that can lead to syncing or connectivity issues. Saint Nordic does not guarantee that your phone will work with any bluetooth controllers that we install or provide. If you have any doubt about the use of a color changing product installed inside your headlights; we recommend against installing it.


By asking us to supply and/or  install the color changing RGB/RGBW product, you accept the fact that the product will most likely fail at some point in time. In many cases LED driver replacement will remedy the issue of a faulty product that does not produce the proper color for example. LED drivers that are mounted outside the headlight assembly will not require the headlight to be opened again if replacement is needed. In worst case scenarios, the demon eye, halo, or strip itself can fail. This would require us to re-open the headlight and replace the defective product. While the product will be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, any labor associated to the replacement of LED accessories after 90 days of the original installation is considered billable labor time. Again, if in doubt, please do not ask us to install any of these extra options. We’re happy to offer honest feedback on any given product at any time, but overall these LED accessories carry a large risk we want our customers to be aware of.




Custom Painting Warranty

Saint Nordic painting services are under a 1 year warranty in case of any chipping or flaking. Due to the sealed environment of a headlight, (especially in warmer geographical climates) haze on the inside lenses can form over time which is not covered under warranty. If any portion of the main painted headlight housing is directly in front or under the projector, it is possible the painted surface may become greasy looking, may bubble, may flake, may melt, etc., which is not covered under warranty. This is due to the projector acting as a magnifying glass which concentrates heat and ultimately begins to melt the plastic housing. This is known as “Projector Burn”. Most paint requests are for black housings which absorb the heat, as opposed to a chrome or silver housing which reflects it. While we do our best to achieve perfection, we will do our best to achieve the best quality and outcome that we can. That being said, there is always  possibility of some imperfections with custom paint present. including but not limited to lines not being crisp, or orange peel in the paint or similar abnormalities which are not covered under warranty.


Aftermarket Headlight Warranty

Aftermarket headlights are excluded from any type of craftsmanship or condensation warranty. Should the lights need to be serviced, there may be an additional charge for labor due to poor quality and inconsistency issues. We determine the eligibility of warranty claim on a per case basis. If you want our guarantee, please supply original headlight housings.


Permanently Sealed Headlights - Assumption of Risk

Some automotive headlights use a permanent sealant between the front clear lens and the back housing to create a permanent bond. This bond provides superior protection against water and debris from entering. However, when it comes to separating the lens from the back housing it creates certain risks that we would like you to be aware of.


Due to the strength of the original bond, along with the increased times and temperatures the lights are heated at, some risks are present:

-Edges of the back housing and front clear lens cover may have additional pry marks

-Mounting tabs may tear

-Amber reflectors may become deformed

-Micro-fractures may occur in the front clear lens cover on low quality lenses due to increased temperatures

-Screws may be used to around the housing to hold the lens cover tight to the back housing of the headlight.



On some headlights we will cut the light open with an Ultra-Sonic cutter or similar to alleviate these risks. The lights will be sealed up with an automotive grade silicone and as long as they are OEM lights, will still be covered by our 1 year condensation warranty. By providing Saint Nordic with permanently sealed headlight housings you assume all risks stated above.


Additional Shipping Instructions

1) Include all rubber boots that go around the bulb openings in the rear of the head lamps. These will be used to ensure a good seal around the plug, bulb, or socket. If you do not have these caps, you risk having debris and possibly condensation inside the lights if water gets inside.

2) Include all bulbs whenever possible to seal the lamps for return shipping.

3) Protect the outer lenses of the housings; never let them rub on the bottom of the box, Believe it or not, even cardboard will scratch them. Your best bet is to wrap the lights in plastic wrap or put a garbage bag around them to keep dirt off them.

4) We highly recommend using bubble wrap going around each housing at least twice and still padding the box very, very well.

5) Pad the tabs if needed. The mounting tabs and corners are the things that will break if not padded, especially tabs protruding from corners.


Rules of thumb:

  1. a) if the housings can move in the box then it could break
  2. b) if a tab is touching the side of the box it can break off
  3. c) if part of the light is touching the side of the box, it can easily be damaged while the box is tossed around during shipping with the carrier.


6) Once placed into your box, bolster the area between the housings and the box walls with smaller boxes, folded boxes/triangles of cardboard, or broken up Styrofoam. This will prevent any box crushing from touching the lamps inside. Do not rely solely on packing “peanuts” to protect the housings, they will settle during shipment and leave the lamps vulnerable.

7) It is our experience that USPS Express is the safest shipping option for your head lamps, and in many cases, they will arrive in less than 24 hours from the time they are left with the carrier. In our experience, the least amount of time the carrier has the lights, the less likely they will be damaged. USPS will allow us to insure the lights for up to $5000. In most cases we encourage you to place at least $1000 insurance on your housings when sending them to us, but you should look into the cost of replacement lights, both for new and used sets, before packing up your lights. You should know the value of what you are sending us. This will also ensure ample coverage should the worst ever happen.

8) Include a description as to the specific details of your build and invoice# in the spaces provided below. Please print this form out and include it with your shipment. Details sometimes get missed through email or phone correspondence, and it is very important we get this right for you the first time.



Remember, you are responsible for the way the lights are protected during transit.




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