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IGLA Anti-Theft System

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IGLA Anti-Theft

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Pricing Starts at $1,300 Installed! 

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What Is It?

The IGLA System is the most technologically advanced anti-theft system on the market! It is the ONLY System that prevents Key Programming, and Locks the Vehicle's Onboard Computer Network from Starting Your Vehicle, Even if thieves have your keys.
The IGLA System is Simple, In Order to Start Your Vehicle, You Must Enter a Series of User Programmable Buttons as a Pin Code to Authorize the Engine to Start or Drive Away. 
You will create your custom PIN code for added security using your factory installed buttons within the vehicle.
Don’t worry if you forget your PIN, a button is broken or you sell your car, a secure emergency PIN code that is unique to each device can be used to reset the system.
  The system is undetectable using traditional car theft methods. It doesn’t have any LED indicators and operates silently using the on-board CAN data network.
In addition, there are no circuit cuts during installation and fitting that would allow thieves to detect it using diagnostic tools. Thieves cannot use RF scanning or code-grabbing technology to intercept and detect the security system. 


Because stealing a car is so easy and car theft is on the rise.

If you have a push button to start car it’s even easier. Thieves use RF scanners to intercept your car key signal copy it. Then they use that signal to unlock your car, start it, and drive away. If it unlocks the car, they can then get into the car, plug into the odb2 port with a key copying scan tool, and make a copy of your car key in seconds. It’s as simple as that.

It’s so easy dealerships are getting cars stolen right off their lots, and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

If you had an Igla alarm, they could open the car but never start without inputting the code; they couldn’t even make a key without the code

*specific models only, consult your local installer


● No subscription or any extra payments.* (Drone Mobile GPS requires monthly or yearly subscription.)
● Easy to install and no interference with the standard wiring.
● Tiny size — easy to install, difficult to find.
● It blocks the engine and automatic transmission without disrupting any electrical circuits, thus retaining the manufacturer's warranty.
● Authorization is via a Bluetooth keyfob, smartphone, or standard buttons.
● Anti-carjacking mode that shuts off the engine safely.
● It supports the CAN Dialog technology to connect optional security and information modules interacting via the car's standard wiring.
● Handy service mode — temporarily disables security features when you take your car to maintenance.
*Functionality depends on the product version, as well as the car's make, model, and equipment.

Prices vary depending on your vehicle. An installer makes a choice of the right product based on your vehicle.

*Drone Mobile GPS/Smart Phone Alerts Carry a Monthly/Yearly Subscription. 

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