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Custom PRO Underbody Lighting System

SKU: XC-1722

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Our Premier LED Underbody Lighting System!

Our Custom PRO System is the pinnacle of the Underbody world. 

Custom made specifically for your vehicle, down to each individual lighting strip.

This package DOES NOT include Installation, but DOES include all necessary equipment to get your vehicle LIT such as;

  • 6 to 10 piece LED Underbody Light Strips - Front, Rear, & Side LED Strips in multiple configurations, Custom Cut, to suite your vehicle's specific needs. 
  • Aluminum Channels for each applicable LED Strip* (Front, Sides, Rear) (Aluminum Channels are Not Standard for All Strips - Please Specify via Email Contact)
  • Switched Power System
  • 12v Relay System
  • Fuse Holder With Fuse
  • Bluetooth Controller

 * Grill Lighting & Hood Lighting, and Wheel Well Lighting are part of a separate package and not included.


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