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DroneMobile XC - 2K QHD Dash Cam with LTE + GPS + Wi-Fi - Live Streaming

SKU: XD-1956

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Add Rear Camera?

Connected Like Never Before

Drone XC is the only dash cam that will connect to an aftermarket remote start or security system – giving you complete confidence and control over your vehicle’s safety.

24/7 Vehicle Monitoring

Drone XC dash cam monitors your vehicle on and off the road so that you never miss a thing.

Drive Mode – Continuously records the moment you start driving to the moment your ignition turns off.

Parking Mode – Recording activates when motion or impact is detected.

Live View – See what your car sees in real time over LTE.

Second Pair of Eyes on the Road

Equipped with a 2K front camera that features a Sony STARVIS sensor, Drone XC delivers 154 degrees of surveillance coverage for your vehicle. Double your coverage by adding a Drone XC rear or interior-facing camera (sold separately).

Clear View of What's Ahead

With its ultra sleek profile, the Drone XC Dash Camera requires only a small footprint when it’s mounted to your windshield, so you’ll always have an unobstructed view of the road.

Sensors for Every Situation

Thanks to Drone XC’s unique integration with aftermarket alarms, the XC dash cam can start video recordings from any of the following triggers:

• Motion (image sensor)
• Tilt and Towing
• Glass Breakage
• Door/Hood/Truck Opening
• Impact (multiple stages)

Rear Camera Add-On for Drone XC

Add a rear cam to your Drone XC Dash Camera for double the coverage on and off the road (up to 146º of extra surveillance). The Drone RC1 Rear Cam has your back so that you can focus on what’s ahead of you.

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