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Escort MAX 360c MKII

SKU: XM-1958

Regular price $649.99 USD
Regular price $749.99 USD Sale price $649.99 USD
Add M2 Radar-Mounted Dash Camera
Add Direct Wire SmartCord

Built in Wifi

The first of radar detectors for cars designed for the connected car. The max 360c updates through the on-board Wifi connection, alerting you to the latest ticket threats in realtime (Compatible with iPhone and Android devices).

AI Assisted Filtering

AI Assisted Filtering – Leveraging features including GPS Autolearn, updateable IVT Filter, and Escort Live connected driver network, this radar detector provides exceptional accuracy against false alerts, ensuring you know what is a real threat.

Everything You Need

The Max 360c Escort Radar Detector comes with a convenient travel case for wherever the road takes you, A smartcord usb (with auto mute) for power, and a ez mag escort radar detector mount for easy installation.

Add a Directwire kit for the cleanest Installation.

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