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ZZ2 Zeus ULTRA | Wired to Wireless Carplay and Android Auto | Netflix | Hulu | Youtube and More

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Watch live TV or Stream your favorite show at any time, anywhere on your radio screen*.
With ZEUS+ you gain access to many different apps allowing you to download and watch LIVE TV using your internet TV provider, like YouTube TV or Sling, and stream your favorite shows using Netflix, Amazon Prime Video directly controlled through the radio controls. Everything accessible with a simple USB connection. The new ZEUS  ULTRA also provides a (mini) HDMI output, for use with an external monitor.

  • Connects to CarPlay USB port
  • No installation required
  • 100% Plug and Play
  • NEW - HDMI output for rear monitor(s)

*Vehicle or aftermarket radio MUST be equipped with wired CarPlay input

**Some vehicles will require a USB-C to USB-C cable (vehicle limitation) 

***Works with most OEM and Aftermarket radios with wired CarPlay input. 

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